Memorial Day

I’m not even going to venture into the lack-of-posting apology realm.

Currently, I am taking a break from figuring out my life this summer. It has been a tumultuous expedition. It started with having an internship, to having one but looking for others, onwards into giving up altogether, and finally deciding to go with my original plan as my backup and still search for others.

Part of this indulgent break includes watching the Band of Brothers marathon. Given the fact it is Memorial Day, this makes complete and total sense that it would be on television. One thing I cannot get over though is how, on this day, I am noticing the most support for this holiday from the television. How has a day dedicated to the women and men of our armed forces past and present become an excuse to have parties and cook out?

Granted this is not the case for everyone, but I would really like to know how this tradition evolved. The combination of commemoration and eating with family and friends is obviously acceptable, but is the commemoration aspect normally actively happening for families without ties to the armed forces? If I were to walk up to a child on the street today and ask him or her what this day was for, would he or she know? Would he or she even know today was a special day?

Modern Band of Brothers - 101st in Iraq

I think something needs to change. If people can spend weeks preparing for holidays where the main component is the giving and receiving of material goods, why can’t we spend one day celebrating the memory of people who selflessly give us all the gift of freedom by sacrificing their lives? There is nothing selfish about what these men and women have done and continue to do and I feel the least we can do is recognize what today is about and say thank you in one way or another.