Things I’ve learned so far in college…

I was cleaning my room today because it had started to resemble the rooms of the teens on Febreeze commercials with the over-zealous Febreeze-spritzing moms who have nothing better to do with their time than spray their ungrateful child’s infested room. Run on sentence much? You grasp my point though I hope. Anyway, I was cleaning and I came across a list I started making in class this past year of things I have learned in college. I’ve made it though 2 years, so I’m hoping as the years and days soldier on I will be able to add more to the list. So, without further dawdling I present thee with:

My School. The College of Wooster.

What I have Learned So Far in College

  1. Always read assignments that are specifically large amounts of reading. No matter how pointless your peers tell you it is.
  2. You can create almost any meal you want in the dining hall.
  3. Don’t leave your razor in the bathroom.
  4. Body wash goes quickly – very quickly.
  5. You can wash all of your laundry colors together using cold water.
  6. You can find anything at Walmart (even though it is an evil corporation).
  7. Brushing your teeth in the shower saves time.
  8. Going to class in what you wore to bed is entirely acceptable.
  9. Facebook is a black hole of your time and productivity – especially after the weekend.
  10. The library is a second home during finals week. Make that all the time.
  11. Amish people are everywhere in Ohio and they are “allowed” to do more than general folk lore would have you think.
  12. Drinking tea in the morning will keep you awake in an early class after a late night as well as coffee. Be prepared to pee though.
  13. Your plans at the beginning of the day to get everything done by 12am that night will usually fall through.
  14. Cheating the housing system to be able to room in the same hall with your closest friends is a great idea.
  15. Jersey Shore (or any themed) parties are extremely fun.
  16. Hangovers are not fun.
  17. People can drink improbable and obscene amounts.
  18. People can also vomit just as much.
  19. Doing random spontaneous things just because you can makes the best stories afterward.
  20. Sometimes mental health days and skipping one class is beneficial.
  21. Getting involved in school activities is fun and looks good.
  22. People pour their soup out in the bathroom sinks – it looks and is gross.
  23. One weekend can obliterate a normally spotless room.
  24. Keeping a journal will help you remember why college is awesome.
  25. Using you “freebie” absent day is okay.
  26. The amount of freedom you have now takes a while to understand, notice, and appreciate.
  27. School never gets “canceled”.
  28. Take advantage of the optional speakers and presenters who come to talk to the student body.
  29. You can never have enough school-themed attire.
  30. You will most definitely learn new things every day.
  31. An mp3 player shortens the walk to class.
  32. A phone call also shortens the walk and is a great time to catch up with relatives who think you don’t love them anymore.
  33. The busier you are in the day, the faster the week goes.
  34. The weeks will fly by.

That’s what I have for now. There will definitely be more. Have any of your own? Leave them in a comment, I’d love to hear and if I totally agree I’ll add them to the list!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. matthewyannie
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 16:50:32

    31 & 32 are fine and good, but i personally prefer to avoid them so i can be free to say hi and talk to whoever i may run into… its more fun than headphones or parentals. but then again, what do i know… i’m not even in college anymore


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