I’m fairly certain I’m turning orange

Work. Day, ermmm, day 7. Oh my God – it’s only day 7!? WHY? WHYYYYYY?

I’m over it. What I’m not over is how many baby carrots I have eaten today. I’m staring at my hands in eager anticipation of a flush of orange undertone beneath my skin. This is true? Isn’t it? Fantasizing or not, I need to do something in order to keep myself sane. I have been staring at combinations of words and numbers for somewhere over 60 hours. That is pathetic. What’s also pathetic is my impending eyesight in older age thanks to all of the reading of small font I do on screens.

Anyway… I started another blog about my upcoming study abroad adventure in New Zealand. I think you can get to it somehow from this blog. If not… oops. Actually – Try This.

Besides the carrots, the orange, and the fading sanity – there isn’t much else going on. I have been moved from cubicle to cubicle a total of three times and there is now a new employee sitting in the nail clipping dungeon. I wonder if he has noticed the nail!? I wish he would, because then we’d discover that we both knew about the nail and we could bond over its grotesqueness. As if.

I hung up on a woman twice today. It was an ACCIDENT. It actually, funny story, turned out not being my fault. The phones were wicked messed up. You don’t believe me. I know you don’t. It’s fine, at least one of us here knows the truth. Sinner.

I have 26 minutes to kill before I have to go to an hour long meeting and then an hour after that to kill before I can go home. I’m bloated and sassy thanks to the carrot overload and I want to take a nap.

Okay, princess, time to go.


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